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Where to Get Your Major Supplies for Orthopedic Medicine

If you are suffering from issues such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or other related problems, you will need to see an orthopedic specialist to correct or manage problems such as these. Orthopedic surgeons or specialists are in the business of correcting musculoskeletal issues. They will use both surgical and non-surgical methods to help bring about correction to the problems their patients have. Some of the problems that fall under this branch of medicine are sports injuries, congenital disorders, certain infections, tumors, and degenerative diseases. More and more people are experiencing these types of problems as Americans are falling into the category of the obese and chronic condition sufferers.

The science that is orthopedics goes back as far as the 1700s. The term itself comes from a Greek word which literally means "to correct child." This meant that the practice of orthopedics was initially concerned with correcting the deformities suffered by children. Issues such as club feet and spinal problems were often the culprits treated by the orthopedic specialists. The scientist Nicolas Andry used what would be considered primitive techniques now to treat children with spinal manipulation, splinting and exercise. The first hospital for treating children with such deformities was opened in 1780.

Orthopedic surgeons rely on the use of many forms of medical device distribution to assist their patients. These medical devices would be used, not only on children but on adults and soldiers who were wounded on the field. There is a medical device company that supplies orthopedic surgeons with the various implements they need to get their job done. Examples of some of the instruments you would find at the supply company are bone foam, halo braces, arm slings, knee braces and various forms of splints. Other types of supplies that would be used by the orthopedic surgeon for his or her patients include neck cervical collars, personal massagers and the massage table and chairs that are used in the orthopedic clinic.

Modern surgical techniques used in orthopedics are designed to be less invasive, and are bent on including implant devices that are longer lasting. The company, Surgical Specialties, is located in Kentucky and have been offering medical supply solutions to orthopedic surgeons for over four decades. Surgeons can find their personal supplies such as surgical knives, sutures and knotless tissue-closing devices. The medical device company is headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts. If you are an orthopedic surgeon or practice any type of surgery, you can find out more about purchasing your supplies by visiting the website of Surgical Specialties at